Thursday, June 12, 2008

Chelsea T. and Thayne (Video)

On first viewing, Chelsea Traile overshadowed with that hot performance. Watch it a few more times and you see that Thayne was really outstanding too. This could be a very interesting partnership.

Chelsea T. & Thayne - ChaCha - Tony Meredith & Melanie LaPatin

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Chilekat at TVFan:

And they throw down the first really fun performance of the night. And y'all, her body is INSANE. I thought Thayne was amazing, and actually a lot better than Chelsie. His hip action was awesome. And he partnered her and framed her really, really well. I think she got much stronger as the routine went along, and she did well with the posing and some of the held lines. And the bootee shaking was fun. But she was a little too stiff legged (they both were when it comes right down to it) and really too pulled up. It needed to be more grounded, earthier. Overall, they did an awesome job. And Chelsie #1? Is a total sex bomb. Just ask Dan after he's done slobbering all over her.

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