Sunday, June 8, 2008

News Update

We knew about one skeleton in Nigel Lythgoe's closet, here's another one from the 70's.

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Thanks to lothlorienbow at Live Journal for the find.

KHON2 in Honolulu talks to friends of season 4 finalist Mark Kanemura. Check the weather. Oh no! It's cloudy with light winds in Hawaii!

Pasha Kovalev appears next weekend at the San Diego Dancesport Championships.

Dance Magazine has a piece on Brian Friedman.

No matter where his career takes him, Friedman’s first passion will always be dance. “I refuse to stop dancing,” he exclaims. “When I have downtime I love taking class. I took two classes last week, basic jazz and tap. It’s important to keep yourself in it even when not doing it as career.” When asked about the future of dance on television and the role that dance has taken in reality TV, specifically over the past couple of years, he responds, “I think it's beautiful that reality TV is bringing so much awareness to the country about dance. I love knowing that people who wouldn’t necessarily have known about dance, now do. A lot of people don’t think of dancing as a sport...but because of these television shows, now they do. The dance community has gained a lot of respect from the rest of the country because of these shows, so we need to be thankful”. He also makes it clear that he is not a fan of all reality television. “Now, don’t get me wrong,” he adds, “There is a lot of bad reality TV out there, but I think that if you are going to be involved in it at all, there should be an art learned and the shows like "So You Think You Can Dance," do that.”

There's no mention of the Bollywood project we reported in February. I hope it's still a go.

PondCulture finally "gets" So You Think You Can Dance:
Yet the longer the auditions went on, the more I began to realize that because the prize is, in the vast schemata of entertainment greed, relatively insignificant, So You Think You Can Dance exhibits a radical honesty.

The auditions occur with all the other competitors watching. You know when they think someone is good.

You know when they appreciate when someone has great artistry. They stand and applaud like a drunken (but knowledgeable) New York audience on a Saturday night.

There is something really quite soothing about the fact that the other competitors clearly influence the judges by the sheer decibellicosity of their applause.

Eric at CatDeeleyOnline reports from the UK that Cat will appear on Regis & Kelly tomorrow. Can someone please Youtube a clip for him?

BuddyTV recaps the America's Best Dance Crew Audition special. There were no real standouts for me. What about you? THE BIG SHOW WITH JK LIVE that was supposed to feature a call-in with Shane Sparks, has been cancelled.

The New York Times takes note of street dance on TV.

The LA Times entertainment blog says the Shhh! Crew was robbed.

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