Thursday, June 12, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance News Update

The next episode of iVan's SYTYCD video blog will be out soon. It's shot in LA and North Carolina, with Lacey, Shauna, and Mandy as guests.

Kameron Bink updates us:

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Gina Scarpa at BuddyTV speaks for many of us:
I pretty much agreed with everything the judges said last night, good and bad. The only thing that got my blood boiling was Nigel’s critique of Matt Dorame. He performed a jazz routine with Kourtni Lind and Nigel felt that neither got down and dirty enough. I understood what he meant when he said that Matt danced very upright but when he said that he danced like someone with a pole up “where the sun don’t shine”, it got a little harsh. So You Think You Can Dance has always been a show about celebrating one’s passion for dance and there just seems to be no reason to knock an artist down like that.

I get so tired of seeing SYTYCD called a guilty pleasure. If you watch it, Gossip Girl should be called a guilty pleasure. Hell's Kitchen should be called a guilty pleasure. Cheaters or that polygraph show or Girls Gone Wild should be called a guilty pleasure, but not So You Think You Can Dance. Be proud that you enjoy watching dedicated, talented young artists grow under the tutelage of respected professionals.

Mary Murphy's Chance to Dance Showcase is a volunteer program aimed to get kids communicating and learning to dance in San Diego.

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