Friday, June 13, 2008

Susie & Marquis' Smooth Waltz (Video)

It's hard not to compare this routine to Jessi & Pasha's nearly perfect top 20 Smooth Waltz, but hey, Pasha is the master of partnering and Marquis is 18 and not a ballroom dancer. Susie's salsa background shows in the first 10 seconds, but otherwise there's plenty of pretty going on.

Uploaded by kelxk3l

Tonya Plank:

My second favorite of the night was Susie and Marquis’s Waltz. Breathtaking! But Nigel, yes, we noticed the second lift problem! We’re not blind! First lift was gorgeous though. Lovely fish dive! You can tell Marquis has ballet background, which translates very well into Standard Ballroom where you need an elegant carriage, a straight upper body, and good lyrical quality. Susie really surprised me. Her Salsa is fun but not tremendously precise, which is fine since Salsa is a social dance and doesn’t require precision and clarity. But her Waltz was another story entirely. She had wonderful control and beautiful lines. So far a couple of my favorite dancers.

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