Thursday, June 12, 2008

Katee & Joshua's Ticket To The Top 10 (Video) UPDATED

Katee Shean and Joshua Allen - Hiphop - Napoleon & Tabitha

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Scott Patrick Wagner:

STANDOUT!! They get the extra exclamation point, because it was really impressive. Katee had the deck stacked against her from the auditions, when she seemed ungrateful and annoying at the final callback. But she came through, almost holding her own with the most brilliant dancer of the night, Joshua. Granted, he is a hip hop dancer and this was a hip hop number, but it wasn’t really. It was a contemporary number with a hip hop feel, and he was extraordinary. The guy pulled it out on every level, and I was truly impressed.

Debbie Chang at BuddyTV:
Katee Shean and Joshua Allen are the next couple. Joshua is a hip hop dancer, but has also trained in ballet (as well as playing football and running track). They have a hip hop routine choreographed by Napoleon and Tabitha, which tells the story of an enlisted man shipping off the next day. They dance to "No Air" by Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown. Katee and Joshua are very intuitive dancers, and they really rock this routine pretty hard. I had to sit for a moment, not typing, because my eyes were glued to the screen. Nigel tells them that they were really, really great, in a hushed, awed voice. He says that it's his favorite routine of the night. Mary is pleasantly surprised at how soft Joshua could dance, and Dan is pleasantly surprised with how well Katee held her own.

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