Thursday, June 19, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance Web Roundup

Alynda Wheat does a pretty good job sitting in for EW's Adam B. Vary:

Chelsie and Mark's Argentine tango, for instance, was superb. Beautiful lines, great partnering (in spite of a shoe emergency!), it was six different kinds of sexy. At least it was for Mark, who fully committed to the smolder. Chelsie, well...she's technically fantastic, but is she grossed out by Mark? Is that it? Because I could swear she said that the worst thing about him is that he's loud and ''ugly.'' Did she use that word? I'm hearing impaired (no, f'real), so I could be very, very wrong. But it sounded like it. And she does grimace when he gets close. Then again, she's 18 and he's 24, so maybe she's weirded out by the Hayden-and-Milo-ness of it all.


Our buddy Dave Chung is quite taken with Chelsie Hightower and Mark Kanemura:
Impressive again this week was the duo of Mark and Chelsie H., who again, I will admit is my favorite contestant this season. Though Chelsie is a traditional Tango dancer, the Argentinian Tango was right up her alley this week, and less so for her partner Mark. However, Mark did not allow himself to get upstaged by Chelsie, despite everything that said he should have been.

Chelsie’s spotless footwork was matched step by step with strong partnering from Mark as the two pulled off one of the cleanest routines in recent memory during a very exciting, gimmick-free, Argentinian Tango that showed that a good routine does not have to be all about having a few big tricks.

While the moves are great, it’s really the chemistry between the dancers for the top couples that is adding that extra spark to separate them from the masses, even in a “big brother/little sister” relationship like Chelsie and Mark, the two are electric on the dance floor.


The New York Post's PopWrap blog asks What's Wrong With SYTYCD?

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