Thursday, June 19, 2008


Episode 2 of iVan, Ivan Koumaev's season 4 video blog, is up at movmnt magazine.

I apologize for a mistake in the sidebar poll. It should read Kourtni L & Matt - Foxtrot. Polls can't be changed once the voting has started, so it can't be corrected.

Jason Hughes at TVSquad on Mia Michaels as a judge:

I think I prefer Michaels choreographing than judging. She focuses almost too much on her own interpretations of the emotions in the pieces rather than what the dancers had to bring. I think she's insane and brilliant in choreography, but maybe a bit too "out there" for really constructive criticism.


LA Times Entertainment blog goes backstage:
Dan Karaty warned me that things would be different this week. We spoke backstage after last Thursday’s elimination, and Dan expressed concern that he’d been too soft on the top 20 performers. From here on out, he warned, the judges were going to give it to them straight.


This is my opinion, but I disagree. They're not giving it to us straight. They clearly have in mind who they want left at the end, and who they want off as soon as possible. I think it's unconscionable to go find all these talented, hardworking people, bring them to LA, and then not give them a level playing field. While we're at it, they might as well bring Debbie Allen back. What, she could hype Will Wingfield any harder than Nigel, Mary, and Mia did last night? Not with her clothes on, she couldn't (I don't know what that means either, but you get the point).

ChileKat at TVFan doesn't like the emotional manipulation:
Last year, we had the Dead Daddy Dance. This year we get Dances with Disabled Daughters. (Please save your outrage. I already know I'm going to hell. Luckily, I like the heat) Stop the madness, Show. Stop with the sob stories that make critique of the actual dancing almost irrelevant.


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