Saturday, June 21, 2008

SYTYCD News Roundup

At Truth Vs The Machine, Jeff Kouba stands up for So You Think You Can Dance and challenges one of those standard put-down articles from the disapproving elite.

Was Marquis eliminated to keep Comfort in the running longer? GMMR presents an interesting theory:

Let me explain. I think Susie deserved to go home. She wasn’t at all impressive this week during the performance round - especially since she was dancing in her own genre. (Oh and I’ve hated her since her first audition) But Marquis has been impressive since the very beginning, and in my opinion he has shown us a lot more than Chris has to date. But here’s the deal - Marquis and Comfort aren’t a good match. Pairing the two together could be disastrous, and the judges don’t want to risk losing Comfort…yet. Comfort is good for the competition and more importantly good for the show. She brings a certain accessibility that some of the other dancers can’t. The show needs hip hop dancers because I think Producers believe that the genre appeals more to the masses. And let’s not forget that there’s a a good story that comes along with an untrained, non-professional street dancer taking on other genres. It’s the same reason they have all their chips on Twitch this season (even thought I personally think that’s a damn good bet).


Buckle up before you read the next sentence. Fox Reality Channel is casting a reality show for reality show cast-offs to compete for their own reality show. You can't make this stuff up. Who would you nominate from the SYTYCD family? I'm thinking Ricky Palomino.

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