Friday, June 20, 2008

SYTYCD News & Opinion

Diane Macedo at Fox News:

Will and Jessica, on the other hand, had great moves for their hip-hop routine but were a mismatched pair in delivering them. Both contemporary dancers, Will looked like a popper, Jessica looked like a cheerleader. Actually, I’m not even sure we can call Will a contemporary dancer anymore after seeing him dance so well in so many styles. Can someone just give him a ticket straight to the top 4?


I'm thinking he, along with the only non-contemporary/hiphop dancer left, Chelsie Hightower, are a lock for top 10. They'd pretty much have to kill a judge, intentionally, to not make it that far. I haven't seen that he connects with the audience enough yet to make the top 4. All indications are that if there had been a bottom 4 couples last night, he and Jessica would have been in it, and this was after his brilliant solo last week, and a strong hiphop this week.

Adam B. Vary returns to recap the results show.
The first tasty bit, of course, was Shane Sparks' kickin' group number. All of you who have been lamenting Sparks' absence from the show in the message boards must've been all atwitter to see his top-notch work finally return to the show (I know I was)...

I'm seeing this sentiment around the web, like all this season's challenges would be overcome if only Shane and Wade Robson would come back. How quickly we forget all the discussion last year about how Shane had lost his touch, that he had become repetitive and stale. I'm glad his routine last night was well received, but Shane and Wade have the luxury of being able to move on to other things. Artists need new and different challenges. They're not the only talented choreographers in the world, so let's keep an open mind about this.

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