Wednesday, June 18, 2008

TV Dance News

Why So You Think You Can Dance is Better Than American Idol: 10 Reasons.

NY Daily News compares Idol judges to SYTYCD judges.

GHP at Territorial Bloggings:

SYTYCD brings out a rather primal/visceral reaction from me, in terms of what I like in/from the dancers. I find that the less I intellectualize it & the more I just feel & enjoy it, the better it is. It’s almost the exact opposite of how I approach Idol, in terms of analysis and breaking it down. Combined with the overall superiority of the show (especially with the judges, who happen to be choreographers that have actual, you know, current credibility & chops in the profession, so they actually speak truth rather than risk spouting crap like the Idol judges do so regularly…)

A quick word here about the choreographers. I’m not sure I’d want to ever really see Mia Michaels do her work & practice her craft (after all, who really wants to see sausage get made?). But, my goodness does that woman get beautiful results! The routine that she created for Mark & Chelsie H. was amazing, as her routines usually are. I don’t pretend to understand the creative, artistic mind, but I do know enough to appreciate good art when I see it — and more often then not, Mia Michaels choreographed routines are good art.


The Miami Herald talks to controversial finalist Susie Garcia:
Why did you go to Milwaukee to audition?

``They didn't have any auditions in Miami and for me it was a last-minute decision. I decided I am not gonna be scared, it was the last audition of the show, so I bought a ticket and went.''

After your initial audition, when you were sent to choreography, was that like being on the Heat Dance team again?

``I wouldn't say it was easier for me because they wanted to see my connection with a partner, and you don't have that with the Heat dancers. I wanted them to see I could do more than just Latin dancing.''


This article illustrates how many of this season's dancers have yet to establish a brand with the viewers:
I would also like to see Kourtni Lind do a contemporary routine choreographed by the great Mia Michaels. Unfortunately, I kinda forgot who Kourtni Lind’s partner is…yikes!

It's Matt Dorame, by the way, but I had to double check. Twitch was wise to get the Twitchington meme out to viewers.

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