Monday, July 14, 2008

BREAKING: Jessica Out, Comfort Back In UPDATED

Thanks to reader Ann-Marie for informing us that Michael Ausiello is at Fox's Press Tour and has some HUGE news for SYTYCD fans.

Jessica King has been replaced by Comfort Fedoke due to an injury. Nigel says Jessica will be out for 4 to 5 weeks. Any thoughts on how this will affect the show and the tour?

UPDATE: WARNING - There is a small spoiler at the end of Ausiello's article about one of the pairings for this week.

We'll update as we find out more information.

UPDATE 2: One site on the web is claiming Jessica suffered a knee injury, but there is no source cited for the claim.

UPDATE 3: Korbi over at Zap 2 It gives us further explanation as to what may be the cause of Jessica's withdrawal from the competition. Nigel promises that this week Jessica will be given a chance to explain. Doctors say her injury will be healed by finale week.

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