Friday, July 18, 2008


After making some controversial comments about dancers from Utah, Mia Michaels has issued a statement apologizing for any kind of misunderstanding:

    "So I totally apologize if what I said came out wrong, because putting down their way of life is not what I meant, at all. I think it's so admirable, what they do. I respect their way of life. I should take their advice."


This comes about a year after Mia had to apologize for the upside down Marine emblems on her jacket.

The big, slow website has a video of a behind-the-scenes look at Napoleon and Tabitha's Top 12 group routine. They're the cutest couple ever. We'll post the actual video once it's available on YouTube.

Adam at recaps the results show. He speculates why Gev was eliminated. Was it because his "internal artistry never quite met his physical expression — i.e., he wasn't buck"?

Fox News briefly recaps the performance and results shows. They equate the audience dealing with the partner switches to a "kid in a messy divorce".

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