Thursday, July 17, 2008


FOX/Kelsey McNeal

Get Dan Karaty's and Mary Murphy's take on last night's show at Us Magazine.

Bollywood choreographer Nakul Dev Mahajan tells how he got involved with So You Think You Can Dance. Asked about working with Katee & Joshua last week:

“It was truly a gift to work with them, and I found it very pleasant to work with professional dancers,” Mahajan said. “They were just hungry for movement, they were hungry to stay in the show, and they were passionate.”


Watch for Nakul's choreography again tonight during the opening group routine.

Apparently there was quite an uproar at the Fox boards after last week's guest performer, Katy Perry, sang a song called I Kissed A Girl. Tamara Gorzalka at Vue Weekly thinks it was just a piece of throw-away pop.

ABT dancer Matthew Murphy live-blogged last night's show. See what he thought of the Pas De Deux.

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