Thursday, July 17, 2008

SYTYCD News Roundup

TV Squad has their recap up and it not only outlines the dances, but also picks up on something I thought I was the only one to notice. Cat's one-liners.

    "After Nigel compared the final lift in Twitch and Comfort's routine to the lift from Dirty Dancing, Cat responded with: "Nobody puts Comfort in a corner." A great nod to the movie and a funny off-the-cuff bit from Cat."

The LA Times always has an interesting recap of things that we didn't get to see on camera. Including Nigel's expression after Kherington's solo.

Tee Vee Time has a recap up and also ranks the couples by routines and the dancers by solos.

So You Think You Can Dance Alum, Danny Tidwell, wrote an article in movmnt magazine in 2006 about Desmond Richardson. Naming him and Denise Wall, who is also quoted, as two influences on the way he dances.

    "Desmond has had a major influence on my life and will forever remain one of my favorite dancers."

Sheila Kaiser, someone who got more airtime during the audition process than some of the Top 10, did an interview with her local paper.

Mike Hughes at LSJ Blogs has 10 comments about last night's show. One of which is the bold statement that Comfort should go, but Kherington will. And if she and Mark do, he's willing to blame it completely on the country two-step.

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