Saturday, July 19, 2008

SYTYCD News Roundup

GirlsTalkinSmack wonders if the top 8 photo, taken Thursday night, includes couple spoilers for next week. Maybe, or could it be that some So You Think You Can Dance producer is actually playing with our heads?

Leee has posted a rare mid-week update, including Twitch's solo.

Dino-Ray Ramos recaps both SYTYCD and ABDC.

Our friend JoannaOC mourns Gev's elimination:

Gev might not have been best dancer all around in terms of technique, and I knew he wouldn't get to the top four, but he was the most entertaining for me, and the one who brought the "most improved" arc to the show. And I don't think any of the other dancers could do many of the moves he does. He danced his heart out every time. I'm going to miss seeing him on my TV! I hope he will be able to continue to grow as a dancer and a performer after the tour.


Blob Boogie writes us with info on Nigel's "assistant" choreographers:
Here's Chuck Maldonado's solo and his choreography reel

According to the choreography reel he helped choreograph "Stomp the Yard," and worked with Fergie, Ciara, and Missy Elliot, and it seemed like he helped choreograph a stomp dance piece in the 1996 Olympics? Insane.

And Here's some of Suga Pop's solos. He's a well respected popper in the b-boy community, and is in fact a part of the oldest and most famous b-boy crew, Rock Steady Crew

Here and here.


- Blob Boogie

Thanks BB!

A Seattle P-I reader-blogger quotes Shane Sparks on the increasing recognition of dancers/choreographers and the status of Asian crews in the hiphop dance world.

I had forgotten just how young Kherington is. She missed her high school prom to be on the show. She says now she wishes she could have taken Twitch as her prom date. Gev has 2 weeks off before the finale week. He plans to spend most of it in bed.

Check out Phillip Chbeeb's latest studio compilation video.

A landslide 87% of 353 readers gave the thumbs up to Lil C on the judging panel in our latest reader poll. Thanks for voting!

In case you haven't noticed, our music columnist, Natalie, has been posting news updates this week. What a relief it's been for me to have some help, and she's doing an OUTSTANDING job with it. Thanks, Natalie!

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