Wednesday, July 16, 2008

News Update

Students of Twitch and Katee obviously love their teachers. MyFox LA has video.

LA Times talks to Tony Wigens, head of touring for 19 Entertainment, about the SYTYCD season 4 tour:

According to Wigens, the idea of an "American Idol" tour was intuitive from the get-go, but planning a "Dance" tour took more consideration. "It was very much a leap in the dark as well as a leap of faith," recalled Wigens, who is far more accustomed to planning musical concerts than dance shows. The "leap of faith" paid off in the tour's first year, 2006. "I think the thing sold out in a matter of hours," he said.

After seeing the tickets snatched up, Wigens assumed that the stadiums would be full of teenagers. Instead, the tour drew fans of all ages. "We were expecting it to be a really young audience, but it really is not," he said. "There's not one specific demographic that we're playing to." First and foremost, Wigens hopes the tour will inspire attendance from people who never would have come to a dance performance otherwise.

As for what fans can expect from the tour, Wigens says the live show includes memorable performances from the TV show, interspersed with video footage, among other things. "It's very different," he said. "It's a very, very exciting show."

Lisa Halpern at recruits new viewers to our favorite dance show.

I didn't know that Mia Michaels is 5'11", or that she had broken up with her boyfriend in April. I'm not gonna say it, but given her ornery disposition lately, you know what we're all thinking. Find out more, at The Hub.

Project Runway begins it's 5th season tonight at 10pm 9 and 11PM ET. Along with So You Think You Can Dance, it makes for a great night of TV. If you watch PR, you'll want to follow along with our friends at Blogging Project Runway. And don't forget about the brand spanking new Blogging America's Best Dance Crew.

Our friend and Australian correspondent Reality Raver is home with her new baby boy, her second child. Stop by Reality Ravings and wish her and the baby well.

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