Friday, July 18, 2008

SYTYCD News Roundup

Fox/Kelsey McNeal

The LA Times has another behind the scenes look at what happened during the results show that didn't make it on camera. Before she gets into the juicy details though, she references Leee:

    "...inquiring chatter "Leee" asked a very good question: "Why hasn't Gev gone shirtless yet?"

We may never know.


My Dance Place gives us a "Play by Play" recap of the results show. She had a few guesses about the "secret choreographer" and was just as surprised as I was when Nigel was named the man behind the dancing.

Zap 2 It has a wonderful interview with Cat Deeley. She goes from making jokes about her shoes to explaining how she tries to make this experience wonderful for each dancer:

    ""The really important thing is that there can only be one winner, so therefore you've got 19 other people who come to this stage in Hollywood and what you try and do is make the experience quite positive for them and make it a real life experience. Sometimes it's going to be hard, sometimes it's going to be challenging, sometimes it's just going to be downright bad, but then other times it's going to be really great and really fulfilling and it's their chance to do something new."

Cat is also on the cover of Eve magazine for the month of July.

People gets some quotes from each of the Top 10 dancers.

CTV gets Mary, Dan, and Jean Marc's thoughts on the Top 10.

Rachel Howard over at the Voice of Dance gives us her recap of the Top 10 performance show.

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