Wednesday, July 16, 2008

SYTYCD's Dominic joining ABDC's JabbaWockeeZ?

There has been speculation across the web that So You Think You Can Dance's Dominic "D'Trix" Sandoval is joining America's Best Dance Crew's JabbaWockeeZ. We couldn't find any conclusive evidence confirming or denying it, but we did find some interesting stuff.

The rumors stem from a benefit performance the Jabbawockeez did this past Saturday at St. Peter's College in New Jersey. There is a low-quality video that has an interesting description. There seems to be a connection between Dom and members of Jabbawockeez:

    "DOMINIC was in PRESS PLAY, the dance crew, that is DIRECTED by Joe Larot. Dominic is close with Phil, Joe, and Kevin."

The JabbaWockeeZ MySpace page references Press Play.

There is also a video highlighting the mysterious 5th Jabbawockeez member that never took off his mask at the Meet and Greet:

Some comments speculate that Dom is the Jabba doing the flares during the Red Pill section.

On Dom's Myspace Page, his calender references a charity event in New Jersey on July 19th. Was this a simple mistake on his part? Since the charity event with the Jabbawockeez occurred this past Saturday, not this coming Saturday?

Since everyone surrounding this seems to be tight-lipped, we may never know if Dominic stood in for one of the JabbaWockeeZ at this event. I think it is safe to say, though, that he is sticking with Quest for now.

Here is a preview video of Quest. They will be featured in a Far East Movement music video to be released August 1st.

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